Just Out For A Walk

It’s been a couple easy days here, just feeding sheep, walking dogs and a trip to the town and then to the city for tags and vaccines. Tomorrow I start vaccinating sheep, a long task that I think I’ll do over the course of three days.

I took this photo at the start of last evenings walk. It’s rare that I get a non posed photo with all five stock dogs in it.

Front: Jayde, Fynn  Back: BJ, Gibbs, Cajun

In the next photo there is a long tree belt just off the road on the left side, and running parallel to the fence. Just after we crested the rise at the top of the photo Gibson stopped and stood alert, watching to the left.

There was a dog on the other side of the trees. I stood still and for that moment he was watching me, watching him. We were close enough to the barn paddock that I thought it was Zeus. I was looking into the setting sun so couldn’t see details and only had that moment to look before Cajun attempted a charge. At the sound of my correction to him, the other dog fled. The flight clued me in, it was not a domestic dog in flight, it was a wild one. A coyote then.