Easter Surprise

Would you believe it - we had an Easter lamb!

She (and a twin who didn’t survive) was born sometime early Sunday morning. Of course I was not expecting any lambs and when I heard the little murmur of a lamb and the return gurgle of the ewe I was momentarily puzzled. I looked at the lamb but didn’t “see” it for the first few seconds. It was very funny really.

She was born to one of four cull ewes that were never sold because at the time of selling we couldn’t fit the last four on the trailer. I decided they could hang around and I would use them for training stock dogs and sell them the next time. I wasn’t concerned if they got mixed in with the rams which they obviously did at one point!
Ewe and lamb are doing fine and I’m penning the other three ewes at night in case they should lamb too. One looks like she will soon but I can’t see an obvious full udder on the other two and haven’t caught them to check.  Oh how we are laughing at ourselves now.

We’re able to use our own little tractor again and we moved more snow and did more shoveling around the shearing shed to prevent a flood there. All around the building is clear now and we can now get through all of our barn paddock gates. The first step in getting ready for shearing is complete.