Day Before Sheep Shearing

I’m adding an off-schedule blog post tonight since we have a full day of shearing tomorrow and I might be a little short on words by tomorrow night. If not, then you’ll get an extra post which I figure is better than a lack of one.

We had a busy day doing the day before preparations.

Shearing floor is ready and swept clean, sheep panels are up, sheep race is built.
Ewes and rams are around back, packed into the shearing shed.
Ewe lambs are in the Quonset down here in the yard.
The two ewes that probably would not survive the stress of shearing are tucked out of the way with the cows and horses.
The four cull ewes who have lambs are in their own pen. They’ll be first in line tomorrow, so they can be moved out of the way and get back to feed asap.
We have a plan for moving the groups of animals through without mixing them together before or after shearing.

Extra tables and chairs are set up; lunch and supper and all the ancillary items that go with feeding a group of people are set (I think...).

Half of the shearing crew was here this evening to hang shearing machines and set up shearing stations. Planning for an 8AM start and going until we’re done.

The porta potty is set up at the shearing shed. The flatbed wagon (used to hold the backlog of fleeces) has been wheeled inside, the wool packers are parked outside.

Willow and Zeus (who look after the ewe lambs) are in a dog run up near the house so that we could keep the peace while Glory is nearby with her flock. They are now protesting this set up. Zeus is shredding the kennel blanket and Willow is howling. Diesel and Whiskey will be penned tomorrow morning, so that the stock dogs who will be here to help with stock work can work safely. Oakley, Glory and Lady will stay out for the day.

It’s snowing tonight. Sigh.

The night before shearing is one of the nights you hope that, come morning, all your sheep will still be where you put them.

Willow is quite now, I think I shall go off to bed.


  1. Oh I hope it all went well. Sounds like you are well prepared, that's for sure.

  2. It all went rather seamlessly, and very quickly.


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