Day After Shearing

Back up one night, the evening after shearing:

The flock headed back out to pasture, the ewe lambs were released back to their paddock.

The guardian dogs were collected and walked out to their respective groups of sheep. Whiskey, Diesel, Willow and Zeus were the four dogs we kenneled for the day and their first order of business upon release was a looonng pee. 

The funniest dog moment was with Zeus. It’s his first experience with shorn sheep. His youthful, Kingly demeanor as he trotted back into his domain turned into an expression of “what the hell?” He stopped in his tracks, his head lowered and his hackles went up. For a moment he wasn’t sure if he should approach or retreat. The ewes lambs of course didn’t know anything was any different and went about their usual business. Zeus slowly made his way closer and once he realized these unusual looking creatures were his sheep he slid into a dance of puppy relief and happiness. It was delightfully funny and gave us a long laugh.

The wool bags were moved indoors for storage. We are unable to ship it right now because of too much snow at the collection depot.

There is a backlog of fleeces still on the wagon bed because we ran out of wool bags. The extra wool packer is stored here though, so Allen and I will bag up the remaining wool once we get our hands on some wool bags. I’m also keeping a portion of this year’s wool (I have some plans in mind for it).

The flock spent the night back in their shelter spot, huddled close together as they adjusted to the feeling of nakedness in some cold April weather.

On the day after shearing, aside from the task of feeding several hundred animals and some tidying up, we did very little and guiltlessly put our feet up. Seeing all that wool gave me incentive to start a new art project, so that’s what I did.

In the evening it started to snow, so the ewes were back in their shelter and I put the ewe lambs into the shearing shed for the night. Cajun did a lovely job for me and made it very easy. Penelope Jane seemed particularly pleased with this decision. I don’t think she likes to feel cold in any way.

One Basket Full of Penelope Jane Fleece