Spring Impatience

I think the ewes, the livestock guardian dogs, the stock dogs, even the little kitten we picked up previous to Christmas, are all feeling a little teased and tired with this weather. We’ll get one or two sunny days and then we dip right back into cold, wind and more snow. Spring is having a tough time establishing a foothold on Old Man Winter’s turf.

Good Morning Whiskey
The sun has some heat again and I love that I notice and take delight in such a slight occurrence. When the sun is out I stop on my walks and sit still to feel it on my face. The sun and increased day light tickles me into activity and I make great plans for each day. Yet the place is still buried in snow and all too quickly my plans are waylaid. As a result I’m becoming impatient for Spring.

Good Morning Oakley 

So some of my days end up feeling a little bit like this.

Get up and at'em.

Make a good attempt to accomplish a few things outdoors.

Then realize there is little you can do but wait.


  1. Boy, do I empathize with you. I keep going out and trying to get a trowel into my raised beds - still frozen solid in the middle - but some worms working on the cowpies I put on top in the fall! My Pyr is often too warm in the afternoon when I get home from work, but I do still have the coat on the old Kelpie gal - she never liked the cold and at 15, I figure she deserves some pampering. Judith

  2. You can see worms!! I can't wait to see our first spring worm. Neat idea with the cow pies. Do you just leave them on top until they breakdown or until you turn them into the soil in the spring?


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