Bless you blog readers and friends.

Lona, your comment was kindly written with just the right dose of reality check. I thank you for taking the time to write it. I hope you don’t mind that I’m sharing a portion of it here.

“Is there not room for all types of farming?”

“Every family and every individual makes their own choices, as best they can, depending on their situation.”

“Two more things (and then I will quit). First, who says "they" don't struggle? I have seen the struggle of conventional faming, and it is no easier. Second, as for your comment about you not making a difference, do you think you are not making a difference to your sheep? Your dogs? Is that not enough?

Hugs to you. Live your life as best you can. If it is a sustainable way (and I am talking about more than just money here), others will be drawn to it. Don't waste your energy casting stones at the "other side", for as you say, they are people, too, with hopes and dreams and struggles like you.”

Readers, do go back and read Lona’s full comment after the last post. It is worth the moment it will take you to read it.

My friend Liezel, whom is as passionate about this way of life as I am, has written me a few emails on this topic. At the end of her latest email she included this note which gave me a needed boost.

“We only have control over ourselves and our actions. The best we can do is to do the best we can do for our animals. Give them the best life that we can. We do make a difference.”

She also invited me for a sit down visit and a home raised, home cooked meal. Bless you girl, I’ll take you up on that.

In the way of making a difference I do feel there is something more for me to do and the how will come to me in its own time and can not be rushed. For now, my mind feels refreshed, my spirit encouraged.


  1. Any time! :) I'll kick the cat off the spare bed. lol


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