Getting Around Again

This week we brought in the heavy artillery to dig ourselves out and get access to more feed for the sheep. A kindly neighbour allowed us to use this green beast for the day (we paid him in lamb meat). Thank heavens we had enough bales out on pasture to last through that last storm so we were able to just ride it out without worry about animals getting feed.

We underestimated the snow pack. Even this tractor couldn't push through the amount of dense, wind packed, snow. We had to use a second tractor with a front end loader (borrowed from another kindly neighbour) to scoop a tunnel through the snow which then allowed this huge beast to chisel it's way through by virtue of some fancy blade work by Allen. By the way, that's our little tractor at the left side. Look how tiny he is. While he runs like a top, his hydraulics and sometimes his steering won’t work when it is below freezing outside. 

Allen moved snow for several hours and we now have an open trail out to the girls on pasture, a trail to the remaining hay feed and we removed the snow bank on the West side of the shearing shed to prevent a flood there later.

Out on pasture the ewes are fairing just fine. The shelter they chose early in the winter is still easily accessible for them, a testament to the their smarts in selecting it. They have their single file trails packed down in the snow (such is the way they travel) and each day they travel a little further. They discovered the plowed trails shortly after Allen made them and they ventured back and forth while we hauled more bales out. Amazingly, a few of the more determined ewes are digging for and finding millet swaths.

I feel a certain freedom with the ability to get around once more. Like I have been freed from a trap. I can use the Ranger again and today was also the first day of melting! Spring just might be here.

As a quick side note: I have received more emails and a few apt and fitting notes that have shed a little more sunshine on my days. Bless you blog readers and friends, bless you.