Snow Beauty

This is where I find the ewes each morning. Still bedded down in their shelter. I’ve been assuming that once they come in at dusk, they stay put here and this where I’ll find them the next morning.

A couple inches of fresh snow fell overnight, blanketing the landscape with soft whiteness. Our grid road has merged into the surrounding landscape and without the solid feeling beneath our feet, the dogs and I might have been anywhere else on the open prairie during our morning walk.

I expected the same uniform expanse of untouched snow on the pasture. Instead this was what it looked like.

The marked beauty of it stopped me in my tracks quite literally. It’s not difficult to know who traveled here.

I think during the short-day-time part of the winter, the ewes bed down and do stay put, but with spring approaching they have begun to stretch their time out grazing just like we feel the natural need to stretch our days a little too. So then, are the ewes grazing late into the night or getting up early and going back to bed?