Morning With The LGD's

Sometimes the best way to share what livestock guardian dogs are about and who they are is to share them as dogs, not only as guardians of livestock. When I say dogs I mean canines and not pets.

For a person like myself, there is much, much more to the experience of livestock guardian dogs then ever meets the eye in the photographs I’m able to share. Someday I will attempt to write out what the experience is.

For now, here are some recent photos from a morning with the main pack (Willow and company are working amongst a second lot of sheep).

If you follow Dog Tale Ranch on Facebook, my apologies, these photos will be repeats to you.
Just up and coming out to say hello
Whiskey being hopeful of getting some extra
Diesel steels the pail which held the raw meat
Off to elsewhere...
....and, of course, stopping to pee on trees
A face wash after breakfast
Back near the sheep doing some grooming
Glory looking sheepish after realizing the stranger in the bush whom she just charged at is me
Getting a snow spray
Thinking about going back to bed perhaps???
Next, over with Willow and company...

Willow - The oldest of the Dog Tale LGD's
The puppy, Zeus, keeping an eye on that cow


  1. When you think about it, it's pretty amazing that these dogs protect the sheep/cows and don't eat them. They take their jobs very seriously. It is a marvel!

  2. It is a marvel and quite a remarkable experience to be part of.


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