Mentally Redirected

A warm spell at last and a sun full day too. I’d love to say I enjoyed the whole day outside but that wasn’t the case.

I spent the afternoon on a tractor hauling wagon loads of round hay bales out to the ewes. It was a tractor without a cab so I was outside, but I wasn’t really enjoying myself. I was feeling kind of miserable for myself.

When it was time for evening chores I was chilled, feeling hurried and ready just to be done and back inside. Then I stopped for a moment to watch the ewe lambs. There was a lot of extra commotion going on which is what made me look up (I’m amazed at how much time I spend looking down instead of up - do other people do that too?). The stock dogs had walked out with me and at first I thought one of them came over the fence on a snow bank and was moving sheep.

That wasn’t it, at least not yet anyway.

The ewe lambs were just playing; enjoying the warm day like I wished I had. Some were sprinting, tossing their heads and kicking up their heels like they were little lambs again. Some would just jump up in the air where they stood. Others were jumping on each other. Several were ramming heads with the lamb next to them. Then backing away from each other to do it again. It was a playground full of lambs.

Of course I had no camera with me, because I was in a hurry over wanting to be somewhere else. Now I wanted to be here again. That’s exactly what animals do for me. They snap me out of mental places that are no good for me.

Right about then Gibson showed up, maybe he thought I was taking too long with the sheep. I called him over and helped him walk up and move the few cows who are in with the ewe lambs. Fynn showed up next and I figured I'd better quit while I was ahead. We left the ewe lambs, collected the other dogs and headed out for a walk.


  1. Ewe lambs go through what I call the "Valley Girl" stage where they're like, Oh. My. God. (think the Frank Zappa song...). I'm so sure...

  2. LOL, yes, that is exactly what they were like.


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