Head in the Clouds

My head is in the clouds, so much so that I am forgetting my regular posts here on the blog. :-(
In the yo-yo style of time, the last few days flew by and I’m pretty sure I completely missed one of them. lol (The day I missed was Wednesday, when Allen took care of the days chores and ushered me out the door for a day away from the farm).

My head is in the clouds because I am thinking too much about Kelpies; namely, what my dogs represent, what I like, what I want to see more of and where to go from here. So I’m planning a brief trip to see some dogs. It’s a mini vacation which will include a visit with terrific friends, working with a number of kelpies I’m very eager to see, and yes, some sheep too (can’t leave them out).  I haven’t decided if I’ll take any of my dogs along or not. I’m going to see several others where I’m going, so I won’t be without dogs to work while I’m there.

Aside from Kelpies and trips, our annual stock dog events are now scheduled and the pieces are quickly falling into place for hosting those. I look forward to these with great enthusiasm each year. There is a lot of interest this year and I feel so grateful for that. There will be a couple all breeds stock dog trials hosted at Dog Tale Ranch this year and I toying with the idea of adding one more clinic this summer.

Shearing day has been booked and we will once again host a two day shearing course, so organizing has begun for this event as well.

The Dog Tale Ranch Facebook page has also been generating a bit more attention that I expected which has been quite amusing. I underestimated the reach of social media. 

This flurry of planning and stewing has me geared up to start training dogs again. Aside from a bit of regular ranch work, I often take January and a portion of February off from training dogs because a) it’s so cold here and b) I think it does me good to step away and come back fresh again.

The Real Stars of the Show
All this anticipatory thinking was plenty to get me through another half day of hauling hay bales out to pasture to feed the real stars of the show around here, and over to the ewe lambs. While it is no excuse for not posting, that is what the last few days have been about.