Dog Troubles

Since I wrote about this in the Crooked Fences Newsletter, I’d better catch you blog readers up here.

We had a very interesting dog experience last week. While Cajun (stock dog) was moving the flock with me he had a mysterious and upsetting encounter. Mysterious because I saw nothing and I heard nothing, not a whimper, not a yipe, not a bark. I was at the front of the mob and Cajun at the rear, out of sight for the most part. All I hear is the crunching, Styrofoam sound of more than a thousand sheep feet on the snow.

Part way along the move Cajun stopped working for a spell and he attempted to come up to me. At first I thought he was trying to get around to the head and I sent him back. He came up again and was very reluctant to around the mob. His demeanor was way off, his eyes wide. Something was wrong, but I had no clue as to what.

Jayde was waiting up ahead with Allen so I called for her to help Cajun and I finish with the move. This encouraged Cajun to go back into work again.

When we reached our destination with the flock I saw Cajun turn his head away and make a wide detour around Diesel. When everything settled, I noticed the small amount of blood on his smooth black coat.

Putting the pieces of that move together with the dogs behavior and Cajun's injuries, we suspect one of the guardian dogs attacked him during the move and we pegged it down to Diesel. Cajun has a few minor tears, like he was grabbed from above and lifted. He’s doing fine, he’s moving fine. None of the guardian dogs have any injuries.

I love Cajun to pieces but I’m aware that he may not be Mr. Innocent in this case either. Did he snark at someone during the move? Was this a one time upset or are the Anatolian Shepherds maturing into serious, aggressive guardians? I'm hoping it was a one time encounter.

If Diesel is the only one to be so serious then it will be a relatively easy, although very inconvenient, matter of supervising and tying him up during moves of the flock.