Snow Tracks

More fresh snow fell overnight which made this travelers tracks pretty evident. The tracks are just outside the gate leading to the winter paddock. They head uphill, away from the gate and toward a dead stock tank. They are not large enough to be Oakley or the Anatolians. Lady doesn’t leave her flock and certainly wouldn’t be this far away. It’s highly unlikely the guardians with the rams and ewe lambs made their way here. That leaves Glory as a possibility or a wild canine was traveling about which is very likely as well.

It isn't at all unusual to come across canine tracks around here, but it does heighten my concern each time I do. It makes me very thankful for several guardian dogs.

This winter has been full of snow. Just when we get ourselves cleared out from one snowfall the next is on it’s way. What makes it highly challenging is the wind that often accompanies the incoming snow. Around the yard and any man made structures, from buildings to fences and gates, the snow piles up. We’ve had to borrow a tractor to get access to the ewe lambs and hay feed for the rams.

This third photo gives you an idea of why guardian dogs are able to roam during the winter months. Blessedly the sheep rarely think of doing the same.