Not Cut Out For Guardian Duty

Who’s been here?

I’ve come to the realization that Atticus isn’t going to be a great sheep guardian. He’s too harsh with the sheep, harming not just lambs but smaller ewes as well.

When I brought Atticus up to the yard he showed no shyness about the new situation and settled right in. Despite never being around the yard before, he went up the deck stairs and investigated the dog yard. He took over one of the Kelpie kennels and his favorite post is on the top step of the deck. He sticks his head in the door as we come and go from the house. This pup wants to be around the yard, around people. I’m sure he feels a bit like he’s moved up in the world.

Atticus is available and ready for new home. He will be a great general yard or acreage /  guardian dog. He’s still very guardian like, he just can’t be in a paddock with sheep without constant supervision. He likes people, he’s huge, he’s gorgeous, he’s alert and he is pretty mellow to be around. He was raised with dogs. He hasn’t been around cats or kids.

My emotions have been everywhere with this dog, from hopeful, to frustrated, to lost, to failure and back to hopeful. Since I pulled him off duty I’ve been able to see what I couldn’t see before because I was too focused on trying to make him work out as a guardian. His heart was never with the sheep. He wasn’t attracted to them except as playthings. He was always the pup at the gate... waiting. Hopefully soon he’ll have a new home and his waiting days will be over.