New Ride

The wind blew through the night and into the morning and we figured the trail out to pasture would be blown in with snow. So we tried taking a different set of wheels to get out to the sheep.

The dogs are my ‘thing’, this is Allen’s. I’m sure he would live on it if he could.

Complete with food for dogs and pitchfork for feeding sheep.

In case you’re wondering, we rode side saddle. That is, standing on the running boards, mountain sledding style. That way the pitchfork was not an issue.

All done out here.


  1. ouch, maybe face the tines down in case there's a bump and a fall ?

  2. Thanks for the concern. Yes, we were very aware of the tines and we rode standing, one of us on each side so any fall would land us to the side. We don't drive too fast when we're loaded with this either. The pitchfork doesn't bend the other way to allow it ride tines down.


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