LGD Growing Up

Zeus is growing up.

Up until early winter he was out with the main pack and the main flock and was doing pretty good. Then we noticed signs that some dog was harassing one of the smaller ewe lambs. Our first suspect was Zeus. I moved him home and put him with Willow and her sheep. He promptly returned to the main flock. I brought him back, he returned on his own. I put a drag object on him but he figured out how to take that with him. I left the drag object on him and let him stay with the main flock.

Then he changed his mind. He came back to Willow’s flock. I tried taking him back to the pasture but he came back. Next I moved him into the barn paddock with the animals there and he has stayed put there since. 

I haven’t tried taking him back out to the main pack again but I don’t think I will until he grows up more. He isn’t harassing anything where he is and he seems content to be there. He’s with sheep plus cows and horses which is good exposure for him. Besides, I’m suspicious that one or more of the adult dogs with the flock, were putting the heat to Zeus, maybe in response to his harassment of the sheep. Maybe in response to his growing up some.

I like this fellow quite a bit and I’m torn about selling him. If it turns out that I can’t integrate him into the main pack, he might make a great working partner for Willow.