That title sounds like code for a private mission of sorts... and maybe it is in a way. I feel a bit like I'm on a mission to share this natural style of agriculture.

Dog Tale Ranch is now on Facebook. One more little cyberspace milestone. Setting up a page took a fraction of the time it took me to decide if I wanted the page in the first place. Now that it is there I’m happy it is, and the incoming support from friends and strangers is very encouraging.

You can find us at Dog Tale Ranch
What you'll find there is perhaps a few more photos and brief snippets of life on the ranch but the nuts and bolts will still be here on this blog.

While I’m announcing things:  Our stock dog events are roughly planned out for this upcoming year.

Sheep shearing starts us off and that will be in early April.

In late May we’ll be hosting a two day clinic with Dave and Trudy Viklund, which will be followed by an AHBA trial organized by a local dog club.

There’ll be a few fun days and a couple mini clinics or seminars.

In August we’ll host our annual four day sheep camp with Dave and Trudy again and this too will be either preceded of followed by a CKC trial (also being organized by a local dog club).

If I thought I could get enough Kelpies together I might consider a Kelpie event too but Kelpies are sparse in this area.

So it’s looking like another busy season of hosting and writing. I’m excited about the possibilities and the connections that I know will result.