Frosty Days

We’ve certainly been dealing with a fair share of cold and grey weather for early winter. Temperatures are around -20 Celsius without much warming up happening during the day. If there is any wind we’re pushing the -25 to -30 range overnight.

I’m thankful the ewes are on the millet swaths as this is providing them plenty of good feed and the paddock they’re on has good shelter areas. The millet has provided a longer time of feeding than we thought it would so that is certainly a blessing through this cold. 

In the mornings it is common to see the head and shoulders of each guardian dog emerge from the midst of the flock as the dogs are bedding down tight with the sheep.  And by the end of our morning walk the Kelpies and Border Collies are all bearing a similar frosted look. 


  1. I love watching you enjoy your Kelpies!! Judith (SSS Kelpies)

  2. Thank you Judith. It's great to know you're reading. These dogs have changed me in a lot of ways.


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