Chance Work for Gibson

After escaping from the dog yard, Gibson found himself on the Ranger just as Allen and I were heading out for evening check of the flock. I was too lazy to walk him back to the yard so he came along for the ride.  At the most there would be a little tuck up of the ewes which might be a good experience for him.

The ewes moved Eastward last night, presumably moving with the wind in the nasty, late evening storm. Thus, today they were on the far side of the paddock and had made a new bedding spot there. Trouble was, one young ewe lamb had been left behind and was still at the original night spot, well apart from her flock. I thought about catching her and giving her a ride over on the Ranger but dismissed it right away.

Instead we trekked across the paddock to find the flock. It looked like Gibson was going to get more work than he or I bargained for him.

A large number of sheep were already bunched together, readying for the night. There were maybe a hundred others still spread out grazing. Without all the details, Gibson did the expert work of a young dog in a work situation that stretched him. He did a tight and fast gather of as many sheep as he felt he could or should bring. He started the flock on the move.

Not wanting to travel in the deep snow the ewes thin out along trails. A dog at the back is a long way away. Too far for Gibb. He came up along the side and it was a simple matter  for him to step in and cut a group of sheep off and work closer to me. I left him alone and let him bring what he had. At this stage he’ll learn more by believing he was successful at bringing this many sheep.

He and I marched our group of sheep along the trail all the way back to the wayward ewe lamb. When we approached, Gibson spotted the lamb and swung out to collect her and put her back where she belonged. I was pleased to see him think of that and witness how aware a good stock dog is.

We turned the group around and headed them to the main group, who were now just behind us with Allen bringing up the rear. I cheered for us and Gibson jumped all over me as we celebrated one of life’s finer moments.

He’ll always be escaping the yard now.


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