Breeding Arrangements

Whew. The last few days have been full ones culminating with yesterdays sort. We don’t do a lot of rearrangement for breeding but with the larger number of sheep there is more than just putting the rams out, which after yesterday, is what I wish we did.

50 odd prime ewes were sorted from the main flock and all the ewes lambs were sorted from the main flock.

Once the ewe lambs were sorted we walked through and selected 25 of the larger lambs for breeding. We have not bred ewe lambs for several years but decided to try breeding some of our largest lambs and see how they handle lambing next summer.

The prime ewes were put together with the 25 ewe lambs.

This sorting created three flocks - the main flock, the prime ewes plus breeding ewe lambs, and the remaining ewe lambs not being bred.
While everyone was in for sorting we also caught and wormed the few thin ewes I was worried about.

Once we had the flock sorting figured out we began sorting the rams. Two of the purebred Clun Forest rams and a handful of ram lambs, were put with the prime ewes and breeding ewe lambs. We put these rams with this group because these rams are all a smaller frame size which is better for the ewe lambs plus I want to have the purebred Cluns in with the prime ewes to retain maternal qualities I like in the Cluns. 

Several mature crossbred adult rams and a few more ram lambs were let out with the main flock.

The main flock and their rams returned to pasture.

The ewe lambs not being bred were moved to a paddock near the yard where they will stay through breeding time. There is no ram with them.

The ewe lambs and prime ewes and their rams were set in the barn paddock with the horses and cows.

Once all the sorting was done we set about getting feed to the various groups. It was a very full day that started at light and ended at dark. Today we did the regular morning feeding and then headed to city for a change of pace and to pick up some very needed food supplies (aka groceries).