Back At It

We have begun the process of hauling hay bales out to the paddock where the main flock is. It is a real chore to get around with all the snow. We have a few more days of hauling to go but on the upside, we likely only have about three months of hay feeding ahead of us.

After a stretch of cold weather, subsequent shorter walks and then a few days of being on the back burner while we enjoyed visiting family and friends, the dogs were acting cabin fevered and needed an outlet for their energy. Today they got it.

Sheep breeding time is here so we have a couple days of sheep work.

This morning all the stock dogs enjoyed racing around in the shearing shed while we set up for sorting.

Later, Jayde brought the rams in and we sorted them; only to realize we have no means of keeping them seperate for the night because the flock is coming through and we don’t have enough paddocks with food and water access. We didn’t want to haul food and water so we put the rams back together and released them! We’ll sort them again after the ewes are done.

We are going to sort the main flock tomorrow so this evening we marched them home and let them settle in with the dogging sheep. Cajun and Gibson did the honours of moving the flock. We brought the sheep around and through the yard so that we could stay on packed trails rather than force them through deep snow to take the shorter route. With Cajun being fresh and Gibson being new to flock work, it was a little rough and raw but it was oh-so-fun to be moving the flock again.

Upon their arrival at the yard the ewes promptly sought out the water bowl and lined up for a drink. Interestingly so did the guardian dogs. I have been taking fresh water out for the dogs but they seldom drank. The guardian dogs don’t know about drinking out of pails I bring to the field, they know troughs and water bowls.