Appreciating What Stock Dogs Do

I needed to get up and stretch after putting in a few hours of artwork today. While I didn’t initially feel like doing so I made myself head out to work BJ and Gibson on a small group of sheep.

At just over a year of age BJ is starting to mature and is now showing a real keenness to work. Although she works so tight I lose her behind the sheep this little dog manages to make me laugh every time. I just can’t stay serious with her, and I love that she has shown me there is a humorous side to working stock dogs.

Tonight, with the weather being more bearable I took Cajun with me when I headed out to the flock. He shivered during the whole ride, due to cold or anticipation, I’m not sure; likely a bit of both. After taking care of the guardian dogs I moved up to send Cajun for a gather. He was riding on the seat beside me and was anxious to go. I stopped and unclipped his lead and let him fly from there. He launched across my lap and hit the ground running. He got onto a sheep trail in the snow and followed it up the hill. The laughter from BJ was still with me; I laughed at him too.

Laughter is transforming and I could use a little of that eagerness myself. I love what these dogs do for me.