A Sunday of Dogs

On Sundays, if it works out, people come out to work dogs together. This Sunday worked out.

With the cold weather the dogs and I haven’t done lot of sheep work and it was lovely to be out again with a dog. Cajun and I brought the lesson sheep in and as we sorted we did a little pen work. I’ve long avoided doing small pen work with Cajun but slowly I’ve been trying a little bit here and there. The lesson sheep were great sheep for us to try with and we were able to enjoy a successful time at pen work.  

I also enjoyed another type of highlight. Being trusted to start another persons dog. I enjoy starting dogs and today was definitely a highlight of doing so. I love the moment a very one sided dog realizes it can travel in a new direction. And the moment the body of an intense, insecure dog relaxes and he realizes he’s perfectly capable. To see a pup turn on and try what it may to move sheep and to see an adult dog settle into work mode. To see the shift in the dogs body and mind and to be a fluid part of that shift myself is so transfixing.

It reminds me that it is not necessarily about having the right dog, it is about doing right by the dog you have.