A Spot of Winter Sunshine

The weather for the past month has been unusually grey and foggy for our province. When the sun shone bright this morning my step was a little lighter as I headed out for the morning routine. I even thought to take the camera with me.

My route to work in the morning :) My vehicle is the Ranger. Yep, it’s a cold ride.

In the next photo I’ve just opened the gate to the paddock where the sheep are grazing. Per usual, there is not a sheep to be seen. Their regular bedding spot is close by and I suspect that’s where they are. They won’t be up yet.

I travel roughly 60-70 feet further into the paddock, just enough for me to see over the knoll on the right. There they are.

It’s alarming how more than five hundred sheep can go unseen in the rolling terrain. I’m in a vehicle; I imagine how much more tough it is for a stock dog to search out sheep in such terrain.
I feed dogs and then travel around the bush just to check that everyone is okay. I like this next photo. It’s taken from the right side of the bush on my return.

Ewes go well into the bush to bed down. Also notice the two curved rows of ewes on the left hand side. The ewes are bedded down on the swaths.