A Full Snow Day

While the winter solstice has not yet arrived, the amount of snow here would suggest we are knee deep into the winter season.

Today was a full day of snow removal as we are preparing to sell lambs and need to get a truck and livestock trailer through the yard and up to the building to load tomorrow. This meant borrowing a tractor with a blade. Thankfully we have a generous neighbour to borrow from. It took a few hours to clear snow but I must admit having the trails plowed and not slugging through snow is a nice reprieve.

The market lambs were mixed in with the rams, horses, cows and lambs who will be staying here longer. So in the afternoon we sorted the market lambs out from everyone else. We moved all the animals that are staying, to another paddock, and set the market lambs in the holding pen at the back of the building.  We’ll be loading early in the morning so want the lambs nearby.

Then Allen left to return the tractor while I tore down the sorting race and reset panels for loading a trailer.

Finally, in the dark, we fed everyone a feed of fresh hay. Whew, we were both ready to head indoors.

To make a snow full day feel a little warmer, I’m glad to share that my new blog project is up. Take a look; if you’re interested in working dogs I think you’ll enjoy it.
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