Taxing Winter Wind

Hanging around the house in the early morning darkness I could hear a fierce wind blowing it’s way about the corners of the house, like it was angry that our home was in its path. I grew apprehensive about going out for a walk and doing the chores.

But routine habit has a persuasive pull and when the time came I donned an extra layer of clothing and headed out, first for a walk and then for chores.

I had it in mind to move the flock today. I expected they would be doing some grazing on the South side of their paddock, as they were yesterday, which puts them closer to the gate in the South East corner giving me a small advantage.

When I arrived at the pasture there were no sheep on the South side nor were any headed that direction. The ewes were grazing on the North side, likely staying there because of the wind.

In the summer season sheep seem to prefer being in the wind - wind keeps the flies at bay. In the winter though, wind is extra challenging.  Some winds blow strong but are soft and some blow strong and are stern. This wind was of the strong and stern type; it was steely and unrelenting and it was cold.

The North end was a good place for the flock to be. There is shelter and they have a large bush and lowland area to bed down in each night. As long as they could get enough to eat it looked like they were staying. There was no must-happen reason for the girls to move so I decided I wasn’t going to force a move today.

In the evening the wind was strong as ever, and sure enough the girls were still on the North end of the paddock. They were already loosely gathered together, the bulk of them out of the wind and preparing to bed down. I imagine the wind made their day and the day of all creatures who dwell outdoors, a tough and taxing one.