Small Gems

Snow and wind and beef could sum up the last couple days. And this little gem.

The ewes did not venture too far and they didn’t have to, they have good shelter and plenty of food grazing on the millet swaths. The guardian dogs are settled in right with them and are also feeling extra well fed despite our latest order of dog food being forgotten on the supplier end. There won’t be another delivery van heading this way until mid January so I figured it would be a good time to clean out the two freezers of stockpiled trim and bones and organ meat which I normally supplement the dogs food with throughout the winter. No sooner had I started on the freezer supply when Allen’s dad stopped by. He has a few cull cows; would we like them for dog food?

Yes, indeed. Such a large supply of meat will be a great help toward feeding dogs. Additionally, Allen offered to do the butchering with his Dad, so I also got to skip out on doing that job this time around. When we take a cull cow for dog food we make use of almost the entire cow. I didn’t have enough freezer space but since it’s winter we’re able to store the meat in the shop where it will stay frozen. 

As for the kitten, Allen brought him home along with the truck load of cow meat.