Seasonal Existence

As the daylight hours shift so to does my daily timeline on the farm. Unlike a year round 9-5 job the hours of this one change with the seasons. During the summer I am out to the flock around 7:30 AM and will have already fit in a long walk and breakfast before. Right now it is hardly light out at 7:30. There is something about cold weather that makes the dark less welcome, and the daylight so much more appealing, and so I wait until I have some light before I head out.

In the evening supper now waits until I come in from doing chores, which will be at dusk, where earlier I could eat a meal before going out. In the summer the evenings are extra hours to work or play outdoors. In the winter the evenings contain indoor activities.

It is a curious occurrence how this timeline shifts without any abrupt adjustment for any creature, including me. We all just shift based on daylight and darkness, following a rhythm we seldom depart from. It makes me feel connected to the whole natural world, not just in the manner I farm but in the way I exist on it. It has never felt like an existence of choosing either, but more like a rhythm of existence one is pulled into and can’t help but sway to.