Jackpot Days

I love having a source of raw bones large enough to give to the guardian dogs. I feed these in the winter as the cold weather keeps the bones from ripening as would happen in the summer heat. 

Late in the fall I start feeding trim and offcuts and any scraps of meat and fat to help the dogs maintain condition since they are wintering outdoors.  I also grind over ripe fruit and vegetables, mix in a little kelp and feed this with some ground meat.  For me, a true jackpot will be the day I can feed a raw diet entirely.  Right now I cannot keep up to the volume required for numerous large dogs and cannot afford the cost of purchasing a raw food product.

On a smaller jackpot note. The Ranger is back after an extended absence for repairs. While it isn’t food and certainly wouldn’t win out over a raw bone, the Kelpies are all over it! In this photo are BJ and Gibson.