Short Moving Day

I knew I had to move animals today and since the cows were situated where I wanted to put the sheep, they had to move out first. The flock didn’t need to move because of grass but because they are preferring to eat the stockpiled fresh hay bales they can access where they are, and are making a mess.

It has been awhile since we moved the cows or the sheep. The last move with the flock was a short and simple one of just letting them across a cross fence. The last move with the cows was well before that.

There are only seven bovines here and in previous years they have grazed with the flock. Since adding adult guardian dogs to our pack we’ve had trouble convincing the dogs to let the cows stay among the sheep. The dogs won that battle for now and the cows now graze and rotate paddocks seperate from the sheep.

Since I have cows with calves still at their side, I went on my own to move them (no stock dogs). It took me a long half an hour.
On the way back through the yard, I picked up Cajun and Jayde and we headed out to gather and move the flock. The sheep had to move roughly the same distance as the seven cows did and there are a few hundred more of them. It took fifteen minutes. The dogs were fresh but so were the sheep. The ewes wanted to move and moved rapidly in the fresh cool air. They quickly spread across the new paddock, doing a fast migrating graze as they do whenever they arrive somewhere new.

It is staying below freezing here so there is no longer water access from the water bus. The more shallow wetlands are dry or are frozen. The larger ones still have open water and   there is snow on the ground so the animals are also able to eat that for water, which they do as they graze.