LGD Rearrangement

With all the livestock guardian dogs here there has been constant canine rearrangement lately. Some of it planned, some of it not.

Glory has been uneasy lately, constantly talking to us, nuzzling and dancing about. A few times she has met me half way along my route out to the pasture. Odd.
Upon returning from the morning check and feed of dogs yesterday we were puzzled to see her making her way across the pasture, toward the yard. We caught up with her in the Quonset and she was upset. This time we had an obvious clue as to why.

The last few mornings there has been a volley of gunfire as water fowl hunters are all about. That morning there were hunters just East of the flock. Glory worries about thunder and apparently gunfire and bird hunting gunfire is several shots in quick succession and goes on longer.

We walked Glory up to a dog run in the yard and left her to settle and relax there for the day. A day off resting there wouldn’t affect her much and the bird hunters would move on. She happily returned to pasture in the evening.

The next development was with Atticus. I sorted out why he was waiting at the gate. It wasn’t because he was unsure about his job in the larger space per se but that he wasn’t being allowed to try doing it. Whiskey and Diesel were putting the run on him and chasing him off. I watched them do so and it was not running play gone out of hand, it was serious. I was puzzled and offended at their antics. They could do far worse to Atticus and in time I have no doubt they would. So Atticus came home again and was set with the dogging sheep.

But soon afterward I discover one of those ewes has been harassed and her wool has been pulled. So then Whiskey and Diesel had a reason for running him off.... What’s more amazing is that, looking back, they did not accept Atticus from the start. They knew something long before we were witness to it.

I am stymied by the amount of dog intuition I  miss.

So at the end of today it was Atticus who was put up in a dog run for a spell. Other than out with cows, which is a large space with only a few animals he can easily ignore, I am out of options for a place with livestock to put him.