LGD Pups - A Spark of Hope

Company was visiting so we drove out to pasture to see the flock and say hello to the seven LGD’s out there. Some of my frustration with the pups was eased when I watched Phoebe out there.

Atticus, a male pup I recently put out to pasture to prevent him access to lambs, met us at the gate. So far, he seems to be unsure about his job in the large space. He’ll go with the other dogs but then follows to the gate. I remember that Whiskey and Diesel did the same thing when they were first put out to pasture with the adult pack. 

We made our way to the water bus station first, with Atticus following us. Three adult dogs approached from one side of the pasture. We filled the water bus trough and visited the dogs for a spell. The remaining three dogs did not show up and since one of them is another pup I was curious to go and see where she might be. The flock was in two main groups across the pasture from each other. Since the first three adults came from one side we headed to the opposite bunch assuming the remaining dogs would be tending to that side.

Sure enough, they were. Whiskey was at about center and some further scanning of the horizon presented a black spot just sitting up. A moment later, Lady stood up nearby. Mom and daughter were on the far side of the group of ewes. It gave me a surge of hope to see them there. I’ve liked Phoebe from day one and it was terrific to see her following her moms lead, resting next to the ewes and staying there.

Lady does not visit strangers and so was unwilling to approach. Upon hearing the strange voices the ewes began to move off and Lady traveled with them. Phoebe made her way over to us, said hello and moved off again to lay beside Diesel. No fuss and no sustained interest in the company. When we left she went back to sheep with the other dogs. Atticus on the other hand, followed us to the gate again. Phoebe also has a calmer body language around the ewes, Atticus is more intense, less relaxed. His movement startles sheep.

Phoebe and Zeus were the two pups who, at an early age, were put on pasture with the adult pack, with ewes and young lambs, and they spent the most time there over the course of the summer. Zeus is set with the rams and bummer lambs right now to give him some solo time and he is behaving well there so far. These two pups are my two hopefuls.

Finch continues to get back in to the paddock with the older, weaned lambs. She is determined that she belongs there. She is there with Willow and is without any other pups.

Lupin is on her own with a handful of dogging sheep. She is the other pup who was racing lambs around so this way she has no lambs to do that with.