The air is crisp at this time of year. The first few snow flakes have fallen but did not stay. I am already in the habit of dressing with an extra layer. The mornings are frozen ones or close to it and until my body adjusts, riding on the open Ranger the first few cold mornings of the season is a frigid experience. I usually get caught the first morning after a night frost, but on the second morning I’m dressed for it.

We have had our first overnight hard freezing which put a stop to any plant that was thinking it might venture to grow a little longer. My tiny garden plot is readied for next year, strewn with a layer of plant compost from this years growth.  Last week the water in the water bus station froze in the hoses and I had to break open holes in the ice on the wetlands so the ewes could have a drink. The next day the ice layer on the wetlands was gone by the afternoon and water was flowing again through the hoses on the water bus.  

The ewes have regrown a healthy, thick fleece. While it still has some growing to do before next shearing they are already well adjusted for Fall with their extra layer.  On these sheep the wool grows thick and tight, not in locks and I never seem to notice that it has regrown until it is back again.

This afternoon we set up portable panels for sorting lambs. We are going to sort all lambs (male and female) from the ewes, keep them seperate for a short time and thus wean them before sale. We are also gearing up for sorting out market lambs and cull ewes so we know what and who we have to sell. I have to say that selling is one of my least favorite parts of raising sheep.