In many respects living a life immersed in land and animal has made giving thanks a very regular practice for me. But Nature works in profound ways and true enough I am discovering that gratitude has many depths.

My gratitude is still very much at the surface level. It is conditional and I know this because when the day is smooth and ‘successful’ it is easy to ponder all there is to feel good about. But when the day is rough, when sheep die, or stock dogs crumble, or I feel the sharp pang of being lonely, the last thing I’ll do is ponder what there is to be grateful for. Yet feeling gratitude for what lies within the struggle is what soothes and shapes me.

My gratitude started at the level of the very ordinary and obvious - most often, physically manifested objects. But the more I observe nature, work with dogs, watch sheep, and sit on hilltops, the deeper I delve into what I am grateful for and the more it turns out to be the non-physical. The way I think, the power of that thought, moments of following my intuition, the times of embracing my power, being creative, being soulful, BEING, ... and sharing it all.

Yes, there is soooo much to be grateful for and this deeper level of gratitude is a welcome one. The deeper I go the more endless it is.


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