End of Weaning

The lambs have been apart from the ewes for over two weeks. If there were any ewes who were still allowing lambs to suck they will have dried up by now. Weaning has been accomplished so it was due time to finish up with tagging the lambs and sorting them. We did that today which meant a near full day of sheep work.

The toughest part was getting the lambs over to the barn. Upon exiting the original paddock they made a beeline for a stack of new hay bales which I did not foresee them doing. Large groups of lambs are very heavy and tough to move for the dogs. They just don’t move off like ewes do, some of them even walk into the dog. When they do move forward they just as quickly duck back to where they came from. My dogs don’t excel at moving lambs but they sure try hard. It took a herculean effort by us and the stock dogs to stop those lambs from ringing the bales and from milling in front of them. Once that was accomplished things progressed smoothly. 

Allen and myself had done some of the tagging on previous days, so we only had about one third of them left to tag and then all of them to sort. This made a huge difference to our feeling of progress and we wrapped up by mid-late afternoon.

So the replacement ewe lambs are now sporting orange number tags for our own purposes of record keeping and the male lambs have RFID tags; a necessity for the purpose of selling. The lambs are sorted into their respective groups; the male lambs are with the rams and the ewe lambs were walked out to pasture and have rejoined the ewes.

I always feel such satisfaction with accomplishing these larger jobs and tonight I will relish in the feeling and relax deeply, most likely with my feet up on the couch and a couple good dogs next to me.