Week of Ease

The last month was a steady pace of full on work as we pushed to get our outside sheep yards done, then slid right into hosting sheep camp and a trial, and then I hit the road for a few days. Since I’ve come back my pace has been a bit slower. We are, thankfully, not harvesting crops and there isn’t a push to get the next thing done so I enjoyed a week of not worrying about what to do next.  I’ve been out with the stock dogs a few times, working them when it feels right and carrying on with what we learned at camp and on the road.

This morning I headed out to take down some netting. The flock has moved to a quarter of land that is cross fence into four paddocks which means I won’t need to string electranet while they graze here and I can catch up with collecting the stuff no longer needed.

Right after sheep camp, we took the bulk of the yearling ewe lambs out to pasture to rejoin the flock. Because they have been apart for several months it took a few days for them to fully integrate into the flock. The only sheep left near the yard are the rams and about fifteen sheep for me to work stock dogs on. Willow and a couple pups are set with these two groups. The rest of the guardian dogs are with the flock. Predator activity is increasing but we are not seeing any signs of trouble within the flock.

It’s the time of year when dusk comes upon us sooner than we’re expecting and we’re often caught out in the dark. Just as dark approaches is when there is a lot of activity out and about and the guardian dogs often rush after sounds and sights we can’t make out. I am wondering if we’ll need to begin night penning the flock again soon.