Stock Dogs and Being Balanced

I was out working dogs tonight and had a lovely time with Gibson and BJ. Cajun and I, however, stumbled our way through, both of us struggling to understand each other. Toward the end of our time I figured we needed to go back to simple basics for a moment. Back to balance work.

Gibson and BJ have the benefit of being the next dogs, and even though their work styles are as different as night and day, the understanding and feeling of balance has been made much more clear and at ease from the start.

Cajun and I however, routinely fall out of balance. As I went back to balance work with Cajun I realized that aside from dogs, balance was a good place for me to go back to as well.

I’m not meaning juggling life and work so they feel equally weighted; I mean a state of being balanced.  Nature exists in a state of balance, and farming in a natural manner presents opportunities to experience it on an ongoing basis - so does working stock dogs. Balance is a state which is always present. It does not go away and come back again. Rather it is I who leaves the state of balance and then, upon realizing how out of tune I am, seek it again. While it would seem logical to just maintain the state of balance, it is a state of conscious awareness I have not reached yet. Thus, there are still many things in life that I allow to pull me off kilter.

And then I go out and work with dogs and more often than not, the mirror bares its reflection and I glean necessary solutions for myself.