Some Days Just Go Like That

This morning a phone call from a friend to discuss our current dog food source prompted me to contact a local dog food company to see about a better option. With feeding several large dogs I’m always keeping an ear to the ground for options to feed them. The phone call netted a further look into what the company can do for us. A pretty good start.

After taking care of the morning chores I made up a flyer for the sale of our five guardian pups. That was easy, the hardest part was deciding they really have to go.

I figured there was no point waiting for another day... I headed to town, got photocopies of the flyer made and stopped to place an advertisement in the local paper. Then over to the vets to post the first flyer.

After that I made my way to the printing shop to inquire about turning some recent artwork of working dogs into prints or art cards. I even had the digital files with me this time. My files need to be larger to do the printing justice, but it looks promising and the cost is very reasonable.

My next stop was the bank.  After completing my banking, the bank teller at the next cubicle stopped me to ask if I was willing to come over and do a lesson with her and her new dog. I guess it's a plus when the people in town know a little bit about what you like to do.

With that arranged I headed to the nearby town of Young and stopped at the small town garage to put up another flyer. I ran into an old acquaintance who asked me about taking his dog in for stock dog training.  It was just last week I arranged for the very first dog to come in for training. That dog arrives tomorrow.

I smiled my way back to the truck. I love it when days have a theme like this. It causes me to ponder about the power of the Universe.