First Times

I think that, in many respects, life is a series of first time events.

Today I experienced one of them. I stepped out with horse and dog and gathered some sheep.

I know next to nothing about horses, in fact I find them a little intimidating. Yet, the more I drive around these prairies hills in the Ranger the more I think about being on horseback instead; with my stock dog along and at the ready.

And here we are. 

The sheep are coming through a natural pass between wetland and brush. The faint marked oval at the back of the flock is Cajun. I started him out on a gather to put the flock together, and then met up at the back of the flock with him. He did pretty good given that he was trying to sort out this new perspective of me being on horseback. He was leery of the horse though, and moved away from us and up the side of the flock. I gave him that choice and decided to get up front so he could bring sheep, thus not be forced to work next to the horse on his first time in this new situation.

The tail end of the flock coming through the pass. There are five dogs in this photo by the way. Cajun being the obvious black one.

Here's the photo again. Click on it to see it in larger size and you'll find the dogs.


  1. What a great perspective from horseback. I am in awe of your human/animal teamwork out there. My dog Hazel and I had another herding lesson today and I am still dizzy from the circles she put us all through, and the laughing I did. It had been a few weeks since we tried working sheep and she was a bit overly enthusiastic. We never did make it from one end of the pen to the other.

  2. Well done! :) Now you're ready to come join us on a cattle drive!

  3. I can recall when I started with my dogs, not so long ago. How lovely that you were laughing. You'll do just fine.

  4. Thanks Liezel - in more ways than one!


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