A Few September Morning Photos

September has been a month of warm, dry, calm weather; ideal for harvest time. The mornings are crisp with the warmth spilling into the day as soon as the sun is up. There are some spectacular places of rough, prairie beauty on the pasture where the flock is grazing. I am lucky to start my day in the midst of such a peaceful place.

There is a variety of food sources for the girls which provides a wider spectrum of nutrients. While it looks like dry grass and trees to us it is a smorgasbord to the ewes and lambs, the former who are recovering from raising a lamb and the latter who are growing rapidly.  When raising livestock naturally the fall season seems to be the easiest time. The weather is mild, the grass is more nutritious, the risk of bloat is long past, ewes have regained condition, lambs are robust. The animals look really good right now.

Grazing a hillside of native prairie.

Grazing along the edge of a slough bottom (now dried up). Note the perspective in the photo; I’m on a pretty high hilltop for the prairies.

Eating brush.

The front of the flock on the opposite side of the paddock. Bellies full and settling down to rest in an open area. By the time I came around here it was around 9:00 AM. A good sign that there is plenty of feed here.