On The Other Side of Sheep Camp

Five days ago we watched the yard fill with campers and company, and in the succeeding days we fell into the busy and focused rhythm of sheep camp.  Today we watched campers and company pull out of the yard and head home.

The place is very quiet.

Feeling the emptiness of a place after hosting company is always the most difficult part, particularly when the company was gathered for a strong, common interest in a shared passion. It always causes me to reflect on what just took place. And this year it was pretty remarkable.

Sheep camp was a great success. It was probably the best camp yet. The synergy amongst the group of people was strong, the learning was deep, the laughter was loud and the  support was always flowing. Given that events are only as successful as the people who gather and positively participate, and given the strong, favorable feedback and impatient  desire for camp next year, the group of people at sheep camp were remarkable. I can affirm that they were indeed. I still feel the aftertaste of awe.

It is depressing to feel the coming-down afterward and settle back into the routine of regular chores. It was a struggle to be alone to move the flock tonight, and to sort working sheep to send back out to pasture. However, I am soothed in knowing that because we are here living this life, raising sheep, using dogs, and doing such small regular chores is why sheep camp exists and what gives it its particular flavour. 

I am so grateful to be a part of such a gathering, for ones like this one touch lives and set sparks. It certainly did just that for me.