Natural Sheep Shelter

We are fortunate to have property with some brush on it, especially on the grassland prairies. We keep our sheep on pasture year round and make use of this natural shelter.

The quarter sections that we graze are cross fenced and most of the paddocks have some brush, although there are a few pieces that do not. When we plan our grazing for the year (including summer and winter grazing) we try to plan so the flock will be in a paddock with shelter at times when shelter may be highly needed, such as lambing or through the coldest part of winter.

Although the shelter is valuable and necessary, the flock doesn’t always take to it when we think they will. If there is a stiff breeze on a warm day they seem to prefer being on a hillside, catching the breeze. But in the calm heat and humidity of the last week the sheep are seeking shade by mid morning.

During earlier morning chores there are sheep spread across the paddock, taking in a morning feed. An hour later, there isn’t a sheep to be seen. Closer inspection finds them at rest in the brush. It is amazing how many sheep can disappear into a brush area of only modest size.

There are sheep well back into the bush which you cannot see in the photos