LGD Pups - Time To Sell

Last fall I had one intact female guardian dog and two intact males, all the other dogs are desexed. I decided I would allow a breeding on the females next heat and attempt to raise one litter of pups to a young adult age within the pack of current guardian dogs. Well, the breeding took place but things did not work out so clearly.

Lady (Maremma) came into heat two months ahead of schedule. The dog I witnessed breeding her was Diesel, an Anatolian Shepherd. Whiskey, also Anatolian, was the other intact male and I’m sure he mated with Lady as well. Yet four of the pups are black with white markings and spotted feet, the fifth pup is fawn with a black mask.

Phoebe, Female
I can't figure out who else might have mated with Lady. I can’t imagine a strange male made its way through the pack this female runs with, and we have not ever seen Lady away from the flock. The dogs on neighboring farms are female or of a breed we’re certain is not these pups. Anatolians can be black in color but it is so uncommon I am surprised to see black and white pups with spotted feet. Without DNA testing I can't guarantee the pups are crossed with an Anatolian yet I’m pretty sure they are and went ahead with raising them as LGD's.  

Atticus, Male
 As they mature I flip flop between believing what I see (pups working well) and wrestling with a prejudice against any guardian dogs that are not light in color. 

The pups are being raised with our adult pack of guardian dogs and with Willow who normally works solo, guarding the yearling flock. The pups started out with a small group of sheep in a smaller paddock and progressed to larger flock and larger spaces. They still need supervision and at times they need to come back to smaller paddocks. Three of these pups are showing soft body language around the sheep and proving to be very decent workers on a pasture situation with a large flock. The other two pups will be better suited to a smaller flock on a smaller farm or acreage where the stock are near to the yard.

Lupin, Female
Zeus, Male (with Whiskey and Diesel)
They have been with each other and/or with adult dogs so they will do well if they have another dog in the new place, although there is one female pup that I think will handle working solo just fine.

The pups are six months old now and it is time for them to leave, although I am finding it extremely difficult to put them up for sale. But it is time for them to move on.
Finch, Female (she has a mowhawk of hair on the back of her head making it look like her hackles are up)


  1. What an interesting mix of puppies. I wish I were ready to take one on ... someday I hope to move some of our flock from Linda's place to a piece of land I own. It is also home to coyotes, wolves, bears and probably cougar, so I need to be well prepared with strong fences and good guardians.

  2. Yes, the mix has me a bit perplexed.

    Keep your dream in front of you. Before you know it you'll be looking for that guardian pup.


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