In The Midst of Sheep Camp

Our first day of sheep camp has wrapped up.

We started the morning with some intro’s and discussion and then went right to work. As hosts, the first morning allows us to work out the kinks and remember what we forgot to do. Then the day settles into its flow, people pitch in, and everyone grows a bit more comfortable.

It was a good first day. New working pens are great, sheep worked well, many successes with the dogs and many affirmative nods of the head, and ‘ah, now I get it’ moments. I had a blast working Gibb this morning; he’s just so fluid right now and Cajun and I did some nice driving work, something that has been an uphill struggle for us.

We planned a potluck supper and oh-my-gosh, what a spread of food! We’ll eat off the leftovers for the next three nights!

The evening wrapped up with a bit of socializing and then pretty quickly people began to fade as the adrenaline of the first day wore down and a belly full of food sunk in. Myself included. Time for some shut eye. We'll be up early to sort sheep for day two.