From Host to Participant

Allen is a wonderful soul. He rearranged his week so that I could leave for a few days and participate in another stock dog camp taking place in the next province.

Cajun and Gibson are here with me, and together we are enjoying the opportunity to work sheep in a new place. I wish BJ were along for the trip as well but logistics kept her at home with Allen.

Cajun is doing well here and we are continuing the work on our driving skills. Gibson is doing lovely work for a young dog and it is a pleasure to see that good work hold steady in a new place with new nervous feelings.

As I work my dogs in new surroundings and among strangers I am experiencing a new feeling. I am appreciating who my dogs are on a deeper, intuitive level. I have been able to catch and cease comparing them and I to anyone else. I feel very free and I am positive my dogs do to.

We have one more day to go and I am sad to see the short trip coming to an end. Having just finished with our own sheep camp it is a pleasure to sit at another one and enjoy the moments as they unfold.