BJ has been traveling out with me to check the flock. She’s also been putting my little flock of chickens away in the coop at night. I haven’t let her work sheep anymore yet, but I think we might make a start soon.

BJ has had a few rough experiences meeting strange dogs and when we travel out to the flock she acts worried around the guardian dogs. She needs exposure to them as much as to seeing the large group of sheep etc. All the stock dogs here need to learn to work sheep with guardian dogs present and sometimes coming to check them out. Yet seven large dogs milling about is a bit intimidating for BJ and indeed is for most dogs. But the guardian dogs are the best dogs for BJ to meet and greet with, and not just because they are the dogs she has to get used to.

The guardian dogs live as a pack of dogs on their own the majority of the time. They sort their own issues out, they establish the pecking order on their own. They argue, they play, they hunt and they guard together. They have far, far less interference and influence from us regarding dog-dog etiquette. They act like dogs and know to greet in a soft and natural fashion. This is what BJ needs to experience. I’m hopeful that if taken out often enough BJ will settle in, relax and forget about being worried around guardian dogs. 

Staying on the Ranger the first time