Soulful Flock Move

Last night was gorgeously calm and heavy with humidity. I headed out to move the flock and took Fynn and Cajun with me. The ewes and lambs were spread out to all four corners and assorted peninsula's of a larger paddock intersected by three large wetlands. No one was overly eager to move in the humidity. Gathering the flock was going to take time.

I drove to the far side and we all unloaded from the Ranger. Cajun and Fynn shooting ahead and to the side to push up the first pocket of ewes.

Right from those first few steps is was an evening of purpose without hurry. One lady, two stock dogs, a lot of sheep to move. An evening of no time, an evening of quiet, an evening of patience, an evening immersed in the present.

If I could box up the evening and give it to you I would do so because I believe our lives and our society would be richer if each of us had a purpose, a desire, that spoke to our soul and drew us inward like this. If you don't already have it, seek it.