People Power

Last week I sent out an email inviting a few friends to join in a work bee at the ranch, to help with building our sheep handling area. The added incentive being working our stock dogs in the evening. And they came.

So today I got to watch the power of a few people joining together for a common task, unfold. It was remarkable. I am beyond blessed to have such people in my life. We accomplished a heck of a lot in one day. THANK YOU to each one of you!

I don’t have photos because by the time we were done with working dogs and I finished up with the evening routine of chores which involved a flock move, it was too dark to go back and take any.

But tomorrow is day two!... and some more people are coming.  I’ll take my camera out. 

So for now, just a short post as I need a hot bath and good sleep to recoup for tomorrow.