People Power Part II

Day two of the work bee was equally as gainful as day one. Once again it was a remarkable day due to the gathering of a great group of people.

Railroad ties were tamped and the front pen is nearly complete. This took place on day one.

Railroad ties at the back are tamped in and a few along the alleyway as well.

A long section of field fence was taken down and moved to it’s new location ready to be reset.

And some overgrowing bush was cut back where needed. I am amazed and in awe of the great people who came out here to 'enjoy' a day of work at the ranch. Once again I extend a huge thank you.

Today Allen and I traded the hard work of building for the hard work of catching lambs. We spontaneously decided the flock needed to come to the yard this evening so we could catch and treat some fly struck lambs. The flies have been relentless this year, I suppose due to the hot, humid weather. Add in a few bad tail docks and it’s a recipe for a great mess.

We started in the early evening and Cajun worked with me to start the flock on the move home. He is working very well and settled into picking up pockets of sheep with me which I felt was easier than sending him on a long gather in grass so tall and thick he can’t see sheep. On several occasions we nearly stepped on lambs they were so well hidden in the grass.  It was hot and the sheep were very sluggish, especially once they flocked up. When Allen caught up with us, he dropped off Jayde and Fynn and together the three dogs kept the flock walking toward home and helped pen them up in the working area.

We thought we only had a handful of lambs to catch but upon closer inspection we have a few more cases starting than we want to see. So glad to have brought them in now rather than later though. Fly strike is nasty and takes no time at all to become severe. We got half way through the flock before dark so we’ll finish off in the morning and send everyone back to pasture.