Heating Up

When did four days go by! It's like I zoned out, blinked, and realized a few days had passed.  

We are enjoying some hot July heat.

The sheep aren’t moving very far or very fast. By 8 AM they are resting in the shade. They come out for a brief afternoon graze (maybe, depending on the heat) but otherwise do their eating late in the evening and early in the morning.

We have been moving the flock often, almost daily. The moves are short as they are only going to the next small acre paddock. The ewes know what it is all about and move themselves. All that is required is catching up some lambs and moving the water station.

Yesterday we moved them onto a larger piece which should feed them for three days. This gave me a days reprieve from setting up portable fencing. The lambs are now doing a lot of grazing as well and it is a bit remarkable to discover how much grass the flock is suddenly consuming.

Aside from fencing jobs, looking after sheep and guard dogs and feeding a few bottle lambs I have been working stock dogs and I have been immersed in sorting out a personal journey of sorts with them.